(CLOSED PROJECT) “ Integrating Climate Change into Strategic Environmental Assessment “

Adaptation and mitigation to climate change is one of the main policy drivers in the coming decades. To achieve the goals of sustainable development and steps towards low-carbon economy, more knowledge, resources and capacity building tools are needed in Croatia, especially in the process of developing strategic plans and programs that are subject to Strategic Environmental Investment (SEA).

The main goals of this project are to:

1) increase the knowledge on how to perceive, analyse and process climate change issues in SEA

2) establish the prerequisites for further cooperation with French partner on climate change adaptation and mitigation issues in environmental studiespodizanje kapaciteta hrvatskih stručnjaka o tome kako analizirati i obraditi pitanja klimatskih promjena u SPUO;

The main outputs of the project to be achieved through the Franco-Croatian partnership are 1) established pool of 30-40 leaders for climate change issues in SEA in Croatia;

2) identified specific topics, methods and financial means for continued Franco-Croatian partnership

Beneficiaries and project participants are:

  1. members of the Croatian Association of Experts in Nature and Environmental Protection
  2. representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
  3. representatives of NGOs active in environmental and nature protection
  4. county officials in environmental and physicall planning departments

Project owner: Croatian Association of Experts in Nature and Environmental Protection (HUSZPO)

Project partner: CEREMA, the major French public agency for developing public expertise in the fields of urban planning, regional cohesion and ecological and energy transition

Implementation period: July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

Co-financing: Frech Embassy in Croatia, Government office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb

Project budget: 70.425,00 Kn (9.390 EUR)