Croatian Association of Experts in Nature and Environmental Protection (HUSZPO) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2004. Founders are respected legal entities and individuals, all practitioners in the fields of environmental and nature protection.

The aim of HUSZPO is to advance professional knowledge and services in environmental and nature protection, promote and harmonize professional interests and promote professional ethics.

The purpose of the Association is to improve the professional status of legal entities and experts engaged in environmental and nature protection. In accordance with its goals, the Association operates in the field of education, science and research; protection of nature, environment and human rights.




(CLOSED PROJECT) ‘Public participation in environmental public hearing procedures during pandemic conditions'

Public participation in environmental decision-making is one of the most important environmental mechanisms, and special attention is paid to environmental impact assessment procedures involving the public and interested public through public hearing (public insight and public presentation). This project aims to create a framework for the smooth conduct of the public consultation process in environmental decision-making under the emerging conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

(CLOSED PROJECT) "Integrating Climate Change into Strategic Environmental Assessment"

Adaptation and mitigation to climate change is one of the main policy drivers in the coming decades. To achieve the goals of sustainable development and steps towards low-carbon economy, more knowledge, resources and capacity building tools are needed in Croatia, especially in the process of developing strategic plans and programs that are subject to Strategic Environmental Investment (SEA).