About us

Croatian Association of Experts in Nature and Environmental Protection (HUSZPO) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2004. Founders are respected legal entities and individuals, all practitioners in the fields of environmental and nature protection.

The purpose of the association is to implement activities that improve knowledge and working conditions in the field of nature and environmental protection, representation of professional interests and improving the dignity of the profession. Through their work at HUSZPO, experts with extensive and many years of experience in providing professional nature and environmental protection services protect the values of knowledge and work on the market, defend the professional reputation and honor of members and the Association, encourage the creation of conditions for professional nature and environmental protection. competition in the market with respect to the principles of freedom to provide services, principles of equal treatment, principles of non-discrimination, principles of mutual recognition and transparency, express views on issues of special public interest, cooperate with other stakeholders in nature and environmental protection and organize and maintain expertise. gatherings on current topics in this area.

In connection with the latter activity, HUSZPO has been holding Cycles of forums in the field of environmental protection, nature protection and energy efficiency for many years (since 2011), through which current topics are addressed by recognized experts in individual fields. Round Table Cycle project (2014-2016) was implemented as part of the application of the Law on Sustainable Waste Management, as part of which roundtables were held throughout the Republic of Croatia, which discussed current topics: Calculation of public mixed municipal collection service waste; Biodegradable municipal waste – “where to go” ?; Waste Management Centers in Croatia; Application of primary recycling. During 2018 HUSZPO organized important events related to the climate change and strategic environmental assessment topics: Round table “Climate change, strategic environmental assessment and physical plans“, and workshops about strategic environmental assessment with participation of county representatives from Croatia. Also, HUSZPO implemented two projects with actual topics “Public participation in environmental public hearing procedures during pandemic conditions” (2020) and “Integration of Climate Change into Strategic Environmental Assessment” (2021).

HUSZPO is also the organizer of the Regional Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment, which in its next edition 2022 becomes also the European conference. It is intended for experts and scientists in the field of environmental and nature protection, representatives of administrative bodies, regional and local governments, representatives of international financial institutions and the media and investors. The Conferences held so far have been a great success, given the number of papers submitted and the number of participants from a large number of countries in the region and beyond.

Kako je već navedeno, HUSZPO surađuje i s drugim dionicima (institucijama, udrugama, savezima)  te je tako od 2015. godine HUSZPO postao redovni član Hrvatskog inženjerskog saveza (HIS).

Governance bodies


HUSZPO Assembly is the highest management body of the organization. The Assembly consists of one representative for every ten regularly capable members of the Association (natural persons), and one representative of each legal regular member of the Association and takes care about the legitimity of its work.

Predsjednik Skupštine je Jurica Mikulić (ECOINA d.o.o.).

Steering Committee

Steering Committee is executive body of the Association and the highest management body between Assembly sessions. Steering Committee organises functioning of the Association and takes care of the legitimity of its work.

Members of the Steering Committee

Nenad Mikulić, PhD, president (Ekoinvest Ltd.)

Sanja Grgurić (Zelena Infrastruktura d.o.o.)

Assist. prof. Merica Pletikosić, PhD, (CEMEX JSC)

mr. sc. Goran Pašalić (MUNDO MELIUS d.o.o.)

Helena Jeftimija (Vodoprivredno-projektni biro d.d.)

izv. prof. dr. sc. Lovorka Gotal Dmitrović

Ilija Šmitran (IND-EKO Ltd.)