(CLOSED PROJECT) ‘Public participation in environmental public hearing procedures during pandemic conditions’’


Public participation in environmental decision-making is one of the most important mechanism of environmental protection. Particular attention is given to the environmental impact assessment procedures which include public participation through public inquiry (public access to documentation and public hearing). This project aims to create a framework for a smooth conduct of the public consultation process when making environmental decisions in the new conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The specific objective of the project is to support the continuity of public consultations, in particular public hearings related to Appropriate Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment in conditions where large gatherings are still limited. It also seeks to provide a framework for improving public involvement systems in environmental decision-making in the long term.

Project beneficiaries are primarily the general public and interested public in environmental procedures, followed by the public sector (Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, representatives of public administration and self-government), economic sector (practitioners who draw up environmental impact assessment documents and investors), civil sector (civil society organisations active in the field of nature and environmental protection), legal actors.

The main focus of the project activities consists of 3 consultation rounds with stakeholders defining guidelines for public consultations in conditions of limited gatherings and piloting guidelines for public consultation (public hearing) at one of the ongoing EIA/SEA procedures to be implemented in autumn 2020.

Project owner: Association BIOM

Project partner: Croatian Association of Experts in Nature and Environmental Protection (HUSZPO)

Implementation period: June 1, 2020 – Nov 30, 2020

Co-financing: within Call for proposals for Ad hoc projects Active Citizens Fund in Croatia as part of the European Economic Area and Norway financial mechanisms 2014 – 2021, from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Project budget: 4.988,69 EUR