Regional Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment is an event organised by HUSZPO, so far held four times in different cities in Croatia.

All conferences were extremely successful. At each, more than a 100 expert presentations were given and several round tables with diverse topic held. Each conference had more than 300 participants – practitioners, scientists, public authority representatives, representatives of the local and regional governments, non-governmental organizations, public relations experts, members of the media and investors from Croatia, the region and beyond.

Through all the editions, the Conference has transformed into an important event not only for Croatia, but also for the region. Namely, it has proven to be an excellent opportunity to form acquaintances and arrange collaboration between companies from different countries, as well as a platform for exchanging experiences between experts and other stakeholders from the European Union and their counterparts from the countries in the region which are currently on their path towards the EU membership.

We are organizing the fifth conference with this topic also as the European conference, with the aim of encouraging greater attendance of participants from Europe, as well as putting environmental assessments in the context of the European Green Deal and considering them as necessary tools for decreasing vulnerability and increasing resilience of ecosystems and sustainability of ecological network Natura 2000. For further information on conference 2022 participation, please visit

We thank our patrons, partner organizations, committee members, authors, panelists, moderators, participants and everyone else on their contribution to the realization of this conference.

Also, we especially thank all of our sponsors for their financial support without which this conference could not be organized.

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